Bard Hall Roof End-of-Year Gathering

Just about every medical student who has gone to P&S remembers Bard Hall, whether they went for social gatherings, musical performances, or lived there during the first year of medical school. One very special place for me is actually at the top of Bard Hall, on the roof overlooking everything including the George Washington Bridge just to the north, the Hudson River with some of the most beautiful sunsets to the west, and the picturesque New York City skyline to the south. This was also always a great place for friends to get together and celebrate medical school milestones. I remember one instance in particular where our entire class gathered on Bard roof after the end of our first year of medical school, having worked hard all year in the classroom. It was hard to believe how much we had learned in one year together, and even more incredible to consider what was to come in the years ahead. But by no means did I do it alone. As I look back, it’s times like these where I remember how important my classmates have been to my time here at P&S.