Joseph Bennett, P&S'48

Nearly seventy years ago I graduated P&S and began my journey in clinical medicine and doing my share to treat and care for patients. With the benefit of P&S’s comprehensive education, and the many inspiring practitioners, including Drs. Loeb, Wipple, Blakemore, Humphreys, and Atchley my life’s work was set in motion. I came to appreciate that the practice of clinical medicine was both science and art, and from the theoretical to the practical, I learned that medicine was necessarily open to further refinement and advancements.

I recall early on when I was chief resident at Lincoln Hospital (NYC) a conversation I had with Dr. Amendola, then chief of surgery at Lincoln and Roosevelt Hospital.  I innocently inquired about how he spent his commuting time between hospitals, as well as, his downtime. His answer was unexpected and had a lasting impact. He emphasized that he would think about his patients and focus on how he could improve all aspects of their care whether pre or post-operative, and how surgical procedures could be bettered.

After all these years, I can confirm that stopping to consider and taking time to reflect on how to improve patient care and health care delivery has been vital in my general surgical practice. It led me to more effective treatments and methods.

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